40 Days of Purpose - Stories

Stories from 40 Days of Purpose

The 40 Days of Purpose has been very intense. It gave me a “kick Start” that I feel I needed” Frank 

 “Thank you Lord for waking us from our slumber. My walk with the Lord was OK until the past 40Days. Well now it is wow!!!!! I talk to Jesus everyday now. Even though I knew I could before it was never a priority as it is to me now. I am so in love again it just gets better and better everyday. ” Nobesuthu

“I used to believe worship takes place only when I pray or sing to God in emotional mood but now I know it’s not about my emotion or mood but all things I do bring worship to Him”. Lewis


Our prayer life and time in fellowship has received a boost and as a result of that miracles have been abundant. We have had many problems with our car through the last weeks, breaking down and over heating, every time through prayer, generosity and miracles God has kept it going so we can make services, small groups and offer lifts to friends. He also provided the finance for a new one through an amazing generous gift from a new Christian Friend. PRAISE THE LORD! Matt and Remi


“Now, I want to evangelize to all my friends” Unknown  


God has blessed us greatly as a family. We are happier as a family. As a couple we pray together more and God says when 2 or 3 are gathered together in His name, He will be present and will answer their prayers. Both children have stepped forward spiritually. WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED TREMENDOUSLY! Matt and Remi


“Before, I was always trying to avoid committing myself to do anything at my Church, thinking any other people can cover for me. Now I understand that I am shaped uniquely by God to serve Him and His church and no one can cover my role unless I do it” Keiko


“I learnt that (worship) its not part of Sunday morning service but worship should be everything we do, as we do it for the Lord” Unknown


Small Group Stories

“Through this 40 Days of Purpose, I have not only found four new sisters and brothers---but have drawn even closer to those I already knew. At the beginning, we all felt a little uncomfortable not knowing what was expected of us, but the last 2 weeks we are laughing and joking together and now closer in fellowship”. Mary


“Shed a new focus and reignited the desire to serve God in the purpose the He has planned for my life. Want to continue the momentum that God has started in the group” Rajinder


“The best part of 40 Days for me, was being a part of a small group, spending “Quality time” listening to each other and learning from each other. Acquaintances have now become my friends”. Donna


40 Days of Purpose
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