The church is a community…


1…of prayer                Acts 6:4


Edward Payson “Prayer is the first thing, the second thing, the third thing necessary to a servant of Jesus Christ. Pray, then pray, pray, pray.”


2…of praise and worship           2 Chr 20:22; 1 Cor 11:26


The Holy Spirit inspires God’s children and releases them to praise which glorifies Him. This can be informal or it can be done in creative liturgy.


3…of belonging       1 Cor 12:12


The Spirit creates a community of trust where we are committed to one another.


4…of healing            James 5:14-15.


The Holy Spirit moves in healing. It can take place within the local church.


5…of growth in holiness     Hebrews 12:10


The renewing Holy Spirit is always the Spirit of Holiness creating  “a holy people.” The local church prepares peoples to live morally and ethically during the week.


6…of compassion, concern and care       James 1:27.


Our sociology has to reflect our theology. Love is an active verb.


7…where God’s gifts are given and used     1 Corinthians 12:4-6


The Holy Spirit enables each to receive, discover and use their gifts for the building up of the body. This is reflected in participation.


8…of preaching and teaching      1 Timothy 5:17


John Wycliffe “The highest service that we may attain to on earth is to preach the word of God. And for this cause Jesus left other works and occupied Himself mostly in preaching and thus did His apostles.”


9…of outreach and welcome    Acts 1:8


The Lord gives His Spirit so that we have the freedom and the authority to bring Christ to “the many.” It is the task of the whole people of God.

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