Have you heard?

I remember being somewhat embarrassed when one of my children took to bursting into song in unexpected places. I’d be pushing his buggy round the supermarket, for example, and he’d launch into ‘Oh oh oh, how good is the Lord!’ At one stage, that was the only line he knew, so we’d have it a dozen times over. But there are worse songs to hear time and again. Yes, the Lord truly is good, and that bears repeating!

Sometimes God works in such amazing ways that even adult tongues are loosened. Seeing the paralysed man get up and walk away filled the crowd with awe. I can visualise them pouring out of the house, sharing the news with everyone they met: ‘Have you heard? Praise God! I saw it with my own eyes!’

Last year, a friend from our church caught one of the horrible ‘flesh-eating’
bugs. He was expected to die, but God answered our prayers and he made a miraculous recovery. That set quite a few tongues wagging, I can tell you! We discovered that many people are more willing to hear about what God has been up to than we are to tell them. I know I need greater boldness in telling others how great God is, in giving Him the praise He deserves. How about you?

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