Why Elim?

 Why Elim? 

You have probably asked that question yourself at some point, as have many others before you. We can understand your curiosity. it is after all an unusual name, but it has a very interesting background.

Actually it was the name of an oasis in the Sinai desert, situated some forty miles from Suez.

 You can imagine what an oasis meant to those weary people after days of slogging thought the soft, clinging sand with the sun beating down relentlessly in the midst of a landscape that stretched endlessly around them in a great waste of treeless desolation. Exodus 15 v27 says that there were seventy great palm trees clustered around twelve wells of water at Elim and after the dust, heat and thirst of the desert, the shade of those stately palms and the cool sparkle of those refreshing springs must have seemed like heaven.

It was the idea of finding shelter and renewal in the midst of a drab environment that inspired the name, Elim”.

For many people life is like a desert. They exist in a monotonous round of working, eating and sleeping. For them - perhaps for you - even the pleasures of life are not more then a kind of mirage, meaningless and unsatisfying.

The monotony of life without real purpose can be transformed into the richness of life that is meaningful; because it is shared with Jesus Christ.

Many people have already experienced the change in their lives. If you haven’t but would like to know more about becoming a Christian, please ask one of our leaders who would be delighted to share with you in greater detail. 

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