Gifts of the Holy Spirit

As a Church we believe in the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” as seen in the New testament book of 1 Corinthians, chapters 12 to 14. 

The gifts you are most likely to be aware of in public meeting are:

Speaking in Tongues - an utterance in a language that the speaker has never learned. This may be a known language or even a “heavenly language”. In public meetings this is usually accompanied by …..

Interpretation of Tongues - giving the meaning of what has been said for the up building of the church. 

Prophecy - This gift is speaking a word from God in a specific situation to the congregation or sometimes to an individual and is usually given in language that those present all understand. (In Britain, usually English).

Word of Knowledge - In this gift specific information is given to an individual that they could not have known by natural means. 

There are five other gifts used in the life of the church  - often used outside of the services.

NB - It must be stressed that people using these gifts are:

1. Not super spiritual

2. Not infallible

3. Not in a trance

4. Not, in any sense Clairvoyant

5. Folk using spiritual gifts do not know everything about anyone. They are specific utterances for specific situations and are gifts from God.   

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