Sunday Messages on CD

The Sunday Messages are recorded and are available on CD @ £1.50 per CD. 

Please email your request at, or when in the church complete one of the CD order forms found at the back.

The some of the most recent teaching series by Pastor Raymond Smith are:

"Marriage Designed by God 4 Us", is series of six messages which many have found to be challenging and a blessing. When we apply God’s ways and principles they work.

Message #1:    Seeing God’s Model

Message #2:    Understanding Our Responsibilities

Message #3:    Learning to Love

Message #4:    Dealing With Conflict

Message #5:    Bringing up Godly Children

Message #6:    Preserving the Marriage.

“Intimacy Trust & Vulnerability”, this four part series runs with the underlying premise that Trust and Vulnerability are two essential components that establish, develop and maintain Intimacy.  From Intimacy flows Revelation, from Revelation flows Authority.  As everything in our life is a reflection of our relationship with God, then Intimacy with Him or the lack of it will be seen in our lives.



“Slaying Your Giants”, a three part series exploring Giants in our lives, and how to overcome them.

You can also download in MP3 format, these series and other messages, free of charge.  Just click the AUDIO tab and start the download.

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