Words Of Wisdom

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All authority
The Son of Man has authority... to forgive sins (Lk 5:24)

Dependence Day
The word dependence has a bad press... but isn't it how God intended us to live?

Family Life
Church is family.... cliche or reality?

“A friend loves at all times” (Proverbs 17:17, NIV).

God knows best
Sometimes it's hard to take correction. Sometimes the hardest thing to realise is that God knows best!

Have you heard?
Sharing good news ... not gossip

I am the A to Z
Keep the map open on the dashboard

More than enough!
Generosity is an essential aspect of the nature of God

Reaping what we sow?
Why do we moan about our world? Surely we realise that the seeds we have sown affects the harvest that has grown?

Serving and being served
Jesus never insisted on the "dignity" of his position. He was here as "one who served." What does that mean for us?

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